If you are interested in trying out the Arthur Murray Schools of Dance, the introductory program will be perfect for you! Two 30-minute private lessons and a 40-minute group class will give you the chance to experience our first-class teaching system with the guidance of our certified instructors. Your instructors will introduce elements of dance to get you started moving to music right away and observe your style of learning and abilities.

During the introductory program, your instructors will develop and plan a personalized foundation skills course based on your initial learning experience. For this reason, it is important to keep your first few lessons as close together as possible to give your instructors an accurate glimpse at your distinct learning style so they can best recommend a program to meet your dancing needs.

The introductory program tuition will cover you both as a couple if you are bringing a partner, or as an individual, in which case an instructor with dance with you as your partner.

For more questions about our new student offer or to get scheduled for your first lesson today, submit an inquiry on our website or give us a call today at one of our 6 convenient locations! We look forward to helping you get started in the pursuit of your dancing goals!

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