The History of Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray International started its tradition of excellence back in 1912 and has grown to become the largest franchised dance organization with more than 260 studios located around the world.

Arthur Murray, the man after whom this company is named, was a pioneer both in business and in dance. His method of selling and teaching dance steps through the mail, as well as his idea to broadcast dance music for his students, were considered revolutionary and took advertising to a whole new level.

In the 1930s, Arthur Murray took two relatively unknown dances – the Lambeth Walk and The Big Apple – and turned them into dance crazes, making Arthur Murray such a household name that by 1942, Betty Hutton had recorded the major hit Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry.

In 1950, Murray and his wife Kathryn started their successful summer series, Arthur Murray Dance Party, which ran for more than ten years, helping millions of viewers fall in love with ballroom dancing.

When Arthur and Kathryn retired in 1964, a group of franchisees purchased the company and have helped the Arthur Murray name stay one step ahead of our ever-changing culture, flourishing as the world’s largest dance instructing organization.

To this day, Arthur Murray is actively committed to the advancement of ballroom dance, heavily involved in the competitive dance world, known as DanceSport, and helping establish competitive ballroom as an Olympic sport.

Whether or not you’ve taken a dance lesson or stepped into one of our studios, Arthur Murray has likely made its way into your home. From Broadway performances to Hollywood movies, Vogue to Sports Illustrated, dancing M&Ms to Gap’s Khaki Swing commercials, Arthur Murray has helped actors, writers, and cartoon characters alike learn the wonders of dance.

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