Battlefield To Ballroom

Battlefield to ballroom

Arthur Murray Schools of Dance in the Puget Sound are proud to support the endeavors of Retired Colonel Debbie Simpson as she seeks to provide a unique form of treatment for former or current military personnel with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Having experienced the benefits of ballroom dance for herself, Debbie decided to begin studying the activity for it’s ability to help develop the brains response to anxiety as well as improving memory. Her studies led to the inception of her non-profit organization known as Battlefield to Ballroom.

Having taken lessons for several years at our Arthur Murray studios in Federal Way and Tacoma, the partnership was a natural fit. Since the inception of Battlefield to Ballroom, we provided lessons to multiple active duty and retired military and have seen the affects of their PTSD reduced even in a short period of time. During the first year, we even hosted a competition between members of the 4 branches in which candidates trained for several weeks to perform to special selections of music. The lessons and events provided the opportunity for improved social anxiety handling as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem.

To read more about her career in Military Medicine as well as the Battlefield to Ballroom organization, or to make a donation in support, visit Debbie Simpson’s website here.

If you are or know of a candidate you consider to be a good fit for this program, please reach out to us at our Bellevue studio!  1-425-747-6611