Dance It Off!

One of the things I heard very early in my dance career is that dancing is one of the few things that you get more energy out of than you actually put into! Just like a battery, you can recharge yourself in almost any situation . If you’re ever down, sad, mad or just need a pick me up, sometimes dancing can be an answer.

If you’re much of a movie buff like me, I was just recently watching a movie called “Daddy’s Home” featuring will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Will Ferrell being the nice, unassuming stepdad and Mark Wahlberg being a feared badass that would start a fight at any moment. During the movie will Ferrell’s character tries to suggest that fighting is not always the answer maybe you can do something different, like a “dance off”. Many people culturally view dancing as a way to express their feelings instead of resorting to using violence. During the movie comes a key scene at a school dance where Mark Wahlberg gets into an altercation with another parent, right before it comes to blow he looks at his daughter starting to cry and instead of fists flying he starts to shoulder shimmy and get his groove on. The other parent is confused and Will Ferrell’s character yells “Dance Off”!!! The other parent not to be out done struts his stuff on the dance floor and the whole dance turns into a “good vibe” experience for all!

The moral of the story. Anytime you’re down, sad, mad or just need a pick me up, dancing is a great way to re-energize/refocus and just remind yourself that a lot of life is just about having a good time and celebrating with people!

PS: Everything is better with dancing!!

Written by: Russ Clark, Area 6 Master Franchisee

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