If you have questions about getting started with ballroom dancers, you are not alone! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients who were new to the Arthur Murray Schools of Dance:

Absolutely! Our programs and methods of teaching are specifically designed for all ages, learning styles, and experience levels. Whether you have never taken a single step on the dance floor before, or if you are comfortable with social basics but want to take your skills to the next level, our programs are a perfect fit for you! Check out our Student Testimonials if you want to hear more!
We have a new-student introductory offer that is a perfect way to give dance a try. For $89, you will have two 30 minute private lessons and a 40 minute group class to experience the first class service and instruction offered at the Arthur Murray Schools of Dance. Need more information? You can find it here.
You are welcome to bring your spouse, significant other, or a friend to your lesson if you want to but if you are just taking lessons by yourself, the instructor will dance with you!
You will notice that the dress code in our studios is primarily business casual. This is because many of our students come straight to the studio after work, and our staff are always professionally attired. You are welcome to wear anything you feel comfortable moving around in, but make sure your shoes stay securely on your feet (avoid flip flops).

As an additional tip, any shoes with non-rubber soles will help you dance better as they won’t grip too much on the floor. We can even recommend places to purchase ballroom dance shoes if you would like suggestions. For wedding couples, we advise wearing the shoes you expect to wear on the big day.

Our new-student introductory program provides two 30 minute private lessons and one 40 minute group class. You can visit this page to learn more.
Group classes are typically offered as part of a specific dance program. Each studio has a different policy on group class attendance if you are not enrolled on a program so it is best to contact the studio directly to request further information.

However, it is important to know that we recommend participating in a combination of private lessons, group classes, and practice parties to get the most out of your dancing. This three-pronged approach to learning has proven to be highly effective for our students.

Practice parties give you the opportunity to try out your newly acquired dance skills with other students and instructors for an evening of dance practice. These practice parties are supervised by our instructors so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or intimidated. The instructors are there to help you gain social confidence on the dance floor before trying your dance out in public! Additionally, you have the added benefit of dancing with familiar faces.
It really depends on what your goals are for feeling comfortable and confident. The Bronze programs can explain a little more about each level of skill to give you a better idea of what your goals might be. In terms of time, that is really up to you! The closer you keep your lessons, group classes, and practice parties together, the faster you will learn and progress. Confidence on the dance floor is the result of desire, practice time, and quality instruction!
For years, the Arthur Murray Schools of Dance have helped hundreds of wedding couples prepare dances for their wedding day. We advise an initial wedding consultation to make sure we recommend the best program for your wedding needs.
Definitely! At the Arthur Murray Schools of dance, you will quickly get to know your fellow students during group classes and practice parties, as well as meeting other students at dance events locally and around the country! All of our students share a passion for dance and the desire to gain social confidence. Our schools offer numerous opportunities for socializing in the studio and outside of the studio!
Popular events or environments that encourage dancing include weddings, parties, work functions, bars and clubs, cruises, vacations, and more. What is even better is that all Arthur Murray Schools of Dance offer weekly practice parties and endless ballroom dance-specific events for even more dance opportunities!
Absolutely! From Showcases, to Dance-O-Rama’s and more, Arthur Murray Schools of Dance have provided the premier events for competition and exhibitions. You will be swept into an incredible world of glamour, grace, and poise at our events — an experience many of our students have described as life-changing! More information will be provided on this subject soon!