Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Events

Arthur Murray Dance Events

Practice Parties

Weekly practice parties at our studios give our current students the ability to practice their dance skills in a safe, encouraging environment. Not only does this give our students the chance to feel like it’s okay to make mistakes, but they get to benefit from the supervision and support of our instructors in real-time. Additionally, our students have the chance to socialize with other students who take lessons at different times throughout the week.

Typically our instructors pump the evening full of fun, crazy, creative ways to build dance skills and have a great time too. Most practice parties are held on Friday nights but depending on the studio, there are also practice parties on other days/times during the week. If you are intimidated by the social scene in Seattle, Bellevue, or other local area, our studio parties are a great way to practice before taking your moves out into the community. At these sessions, you will be able to build the confidence and get the repetition you need to feel comfortable dancing wherever you go!

Spotlight Ball

For many of our students, learning to dance quickly develops into a desire to showcase their new skills for peers, friends, or fellow students. Spotlight balls were created to give students the chance to showcase special demonstrations or highlights from their current level of dance. Usually these are held in-studio and are themed for extra fun.

Spotlight balls are offered about 2-3 times per year and give students a chance to try something a little more exciting than our regular practice parties. If you are new to the world of Arthur Murray and ballroom dance and unsure about the bigger events, this can be a great event to test the waters. Many of our competitive students enjoy practicing and testing new routines or choreography at these events which makes for an exciting evening of showcased dancing!

Medal Ball

Of all our events, Medal Ball is our most popular! We encourage everyone to try at least one as it is an experience most people would otherwise never get to enjoy. Students from all the studios in the puget sound gather for a half a day of dancing to celebrate their progress through the levels of dance and achievement of specific goals. For first time attendees, it is often inspiring, eye-opening, and incredibly fun. I

It’s hard to realize just how big the Arthur Murray community is until you attend a Medal Ball or Showcase, and yet extremely encouraging to see how many other students are at the same place in their dancing as each other. Whether brand new to dance or having danced for 10 years or more, Medal Ball celebrates the individual accomplishments of each dancer and showcases where dancing can go at the next level.

Medal Ball events are held twice a year, usually in a hotel ballroom in downtown Seattle or Bellevue and have a different theme each time. Students have the opportunity to dance two entries at their current skill level, or (upon graduating two levels of dance) may even choose to perform a graduation solo. The staff perform fun and entertaining professional demonstrations based on the theme for the event and other fun activities are offered throughout the duration of the event for social dancing and more.


For students who are excited to share their passion for dance and hard work in their current skill level, showcase events are the highlight of the year. From solos to level-specific dance entries, students enjoy two days of dancing, performances, socializing, formal or themed dinners, and much more. We bring in coaches and adjudicators from all over the US to provide feedback on every single entry and solo performed. After the event, this feedback is incorporated into students’ dance program for future development and improvement.

Showcase often feels like a taste of Dancing With the Stars for students. From the fun costumes and solo performances to the sparkles and feathers of the ladies’ dance gowns, the whole event can sweep you off your feet into the wonderful world of ballroom dancing.

Showcase Getaway

For our adventurous students, our extended getaway showcase weekends are the perfect blend of vacation and dancing! Past locations have included the beautiful Semiahmoo resort and the serene and stunning Suncadia resort. Not only do these showcase weekends include several days of solos, entries, competitive rounds, and professional shows and demonstrations, but we take time to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest, on Golf Courses, beaches, and touring local venues.

By the end of these showcase weekend getaways, students benefit from the relaxing environment,  exciting social opportunities, and improved dance skills. As an added benefit, showcase weekends typically feature one or more training sessions with our traveling coaches and consultants to expose students to exciting new skills and techniques in dance. For competitive students, this is a springboard of preparation for Dance-O-Rama’s. Routines and floor craft are polished and tested for this event to ensure they are fully prepared to put their best foot forward in competition.


Dance-O-Rama events are the highlight of the year for many of our devoted dance students. Each year our Dance-O-Rama’s are hosted in different locations including San Francisco, Portland, Hawaii, Houston, Banff, and many other locations throughout the US and abroad. The events – hosted several times throughout the year – are 3-5 days in length and feature competitive dance entries by level, open categories, solos, Professional-Amateur competitive heats, professional shows and  competitions, and much more.

Because each Dance-O-Rama highlights the character and charm of it’s host city, students are taken on special tours around the city to get a taste of the surrounding area. From charter boat tours to diving adventures, city tours and special food and dining, Dance-O-Rama’s create an exciting opportunity for travel, socializing, sight-seeing, and more in addition to the dancing. At these events, students also get to see the full reach of our Arthur Murray student body and often, friendships are made as Dance-O-Rama’s bring together like-minded individuals who would otherwise never meet across the globe.

To be a part of this exciting, life-changing, global community and Arthur Murray Family, contact one of your local studios today!

Whether you are just looking for a place to practice your social dancing or if you desire to explore the country with fellow dancers and professionals, we have events all year-round to satisfy your dance dreams!