Club Salsa Dancing for Menclub salsa dancing for men

Ever walked into a club with salsa music pounding away, lights down low, and people tearing it up on the dance floor and thought to yourself; “I wish I knew how to salsa dance so I could have fun like those guys?”

You are not alone.

We are very familiar with the feeling of anxiety and fear for people who just want to enjoy social dancing, but lack the confidence to do so. If you have ever wondered; “where do I even go to learn how to lead salsa correctly?” then Arthur Murray Schools of Dance are the place you need to be.

Our instructors have got you covered in social situations with a variety of program options to help you become a confident social dancer. Whether you just want to feel comfortable dancing with other people or if you desire to be the flashiest dancer on the floor spinning and dipping the ladies with style, we can help your goals become reality.

If you have any fears or reservations about taking the first step towards learning how to dance, don’t be afraid! Many of our students are surprised at how easy and fun it is to learn at our studios.

Be The Popular Dance Partner

The most popular partner at the club is the one who can lead correctly and confidently and because our certified instructors teach from a syllabus tested over 105 years, you will be getting the best instruction possible to help you reach that place in your dancing. Women love dancing with a leader who is considerate to their comfort (i.e. partners who don’t yank their arms or step on their feet). Our social dance lessons focus on making sure both partners have fun and avoid injury.

During your social dance program, our instructors will help you develop a variety of dance patterns and strategies to keep your partner guessing and surprised at your skills, while giving you the confidence to navigate other couples on the floor. The best part is, you won’t just look like you know what you’re doing, you WILL know what you’re doing!

We want your social dance experiences to be fun and comfortable whether you are dancing salsa, bachata, swing, or any other popular club dances.

Call one of our 6 locations in the puget sound area to get started today. We can’t wait to help you get out on the dance floor!



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