Welcome to Arthur Murray in the Puget Sound! If you are brand new to the world of ballroom dance and would like to get started with dance lessons, you are in the right place!

Meet Jeff – your dance program supervisor in Federal Way! For more than 10 years, Jeff has played an integral role in the dance journey of many students at all levels of experience and expertise. Whether advising students on their dance programs, involving students in events to help boost that progress, or creating great memories and experiences for students, Jeff is actively involved in ensuring each student develops in their dancing skills. Jeff is likely the one you will meet for progress checks and exams as you accumulate more experience and technique in your dance program, whether you are in your Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels.

Jeff has great respect for the Arthur Murray Organization’s goal to bring social dancing to everyone. Partnership dancing is a lifelong skill; Jeff believes it gives people an opportunity to build confidence in an area many people would consider of themselves to be “unteachable” or “rhythmically challenged.” Because of this belief, Jeff takes the responsibility of being a supervisor of dance seriously with the knowledge that dancing can and will change people’s lives for the better.

Whether dance is something to fill the time for empty nesters, a reason to get out and be social for the homebody, or a fun and exciting way to trick yourself into becoming and staying active, Jeff has seen first-hand how dancing truly benefits everyone.

Jeff’s primary goal is to help students understand and experience all the benefits of dance in addition to learning a valuable skill. Dancing boosts confidence, develops social skills, is a great form of exercise, and deeply satisfies the soul’s need to move to music. It is Jeff’s hope that through Arthur Murray’s world-renowned instruction, students experience at least a few if not all the incredible benefits that arise from learning to dance.

“My message to my students is that they can be as good a dancer as they want to be. It’s going to be work, yes, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. And at the end of the day, all the time and energy spent on their dancing will be totally worth it — by a long shot.”
– Jeff